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Equipe IMAGINE - Inria Grenoble - Rhône-Alpes
655 avenue de l'Europe - Montbonnot
38334 Saint Ismier Cedex - France

Curriculum Vitae - last update 01/2017 -


  • Curiosity
  • Adaptability
  • Organization
  • Communication


Living Book of Anatomy Project displayed in the INRIA showroom

03/02/2017 Grenoble, France

Technical skills


Python, C++, C, Cuda, GLSL, QML, Java


Qt, OpenGL, OpenMP, Maya, SOFA, ZBrush, MySQL


Maya, ZBrush, UML, Git, SVN, CMake

Professional experience


AnatoScope, in Grenoble, France
November 2016 - February 2017 (2 and 1/2 month)
The goals are the development of real-time 3D visualization algorithms, the integration of motion capture algorithms and the implementation of augmented reality applications.
  • Installation of the INRIA Rhône-Alpes Showroom Anatomical Mirror demonstration
  • Transfer technology: from research development to business finalized product
  • «Living Book of Anatomy» Persyval-Lab website realization (
  • AnatReg2D research project (2D registration in real-time)
C++, Python, OpenGL, QT 5 (QML), SOFA, Kinect SDK, CImg ...

PHD STUDENT - User-Specific Real-Time Registration and Tracking applied to Anatomy Learning

TIMC-IMAG: team GMCAO and Inria: team IMAGINE, in Grenoble, France
October 2013 - Present (3 years) : PhD Student
The goal of this project is to create innovative tools to help medicine and sport students to learn anatomy in motion. This work is based on the embodiment theory (in a nutshell: our motor system influences our cognition). Implementation of an Augmented Reality Anatomical Mirror in the SOFA framework. We improve the Microsoft Kinect SDK V2 Body Traking by using anatomical knowledge to obtain realistic motion. We generate user-specific 3D anatomical avatars based on anatomical knowledge to obtain a better user fitting.
  • «Body Tracking system»: degree of freedom and joint limits constraints, hierarchical animation system in SOFA.
  • «Improvement of Anatomy Transfer [Dicko & all 2013]»: reconstruction of a 3D anatomical avatar with kinect data as input (partial point cloud and body measurements).
  • «Project Management»: planning, development of a demo, design of advertising documents, demo setup (space, light, sound, etc), administrative questions (user rights, material insurance, etc).
  • «Shader development»: Efficient Linear Blend Skinning with Blendshape GLSL shaders.
  • «Maya Mel Scripting»: link between Maya and SOFA Framework (skinning, blendshapes, animation, etc).
  • «3 month Internship Mentoring»: Create a WebGL viewer to Visualize, Edit and Animate 3d Anatomy for My Corporis Fabrica.
  • «4 month Internship Mentoring»: Creating an X-Ray tablet using a Kinect to place the tablet alongside the user’s body and the tablet sensors to define its orientation. Visualisation of a specific body zone onto the tablet in Augmented Reality.
  • «2 month Internship Mentoring»: Implementation of a Kalman filter for real-time efficient Kinect body traking joints positioning and orientation.
C++, Python, OpenGL, GLSL, QT 5 (QML), OpenMP, Maya 2013, scripts Mel, SOFA, Kinect SDK, ,CImg,, Blender, adobe CS6 suite, ...

SOFTWARE ENGINEER - Anatomy modeling based on an RDFs ontology

Inria : team IMAGINE, in Grenoble, France
September 2012 - August 2013 (1 year)
Development of an application to learn, visualize and model anatomical structures. Python version of « My Corporis Fabrica» (MyCF). Porting to a full Web application. MyCF is an academic tool that gives a simple and interactive way to navigate in the human body.
  • «My Corporis Fabrica » : conception and re-coding of the Python version to Web
  • «Anatomy transfer [Dicko & all 2013]» : Multigrid algorithm and Mel scripts (Maya) based on Maya Muscle plug-in
Python, OpenGL, CUDA, Django, WebGL, XML, JavaScript, jQuery, Maya 2013, scripts Mel, SQL, RDFs, ...

INTERNSHIP - 3D datas for archeology : Visualisation, interaction and preservation

Inria : team MANAO, in Bordeaux, France
January - June 2012 (6 months)
Valuation of vizualisation and 3d interaction tools developed for virtual museums.
  • «Navidget WebGL» : coding on three steps : OpenGL 2 version to OpenGL 3 version to WebGL
  • «Radiance Scaling» : shaders implementation and WebGL Plug-in
  • «Archeovision» : how to broadcast 3d models on the web using a data base
C++, OpenGL, WebGL, JavaScript

INTERNSHIP - Web design creation

Digitale Deluxe, in Besançon, France
March - June 2010 (4 months)
Coding complex websites with database and backoffice system (the user can update the website content on his own, without needing programming knowledge).
  • «Seguin Immobilier» : web coding (PHP, JQuery, JavaScript, HTML, ...) and database
  • «Seiko» : porting a flash website to full HTML using JQuery and HTML Canvas to obtain the same responsive design
  • «CMF Conseil» : help on work in progress (PHP)
  • «GO : girl only» : help on work in progress (ActionScript)
PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XML, XHTML, JQuery, ActionScript (Flash CS3), ...

MENTORING - Student tutoring work

Technology Institute, in Besançon, France
October - December 2009
One hour per week tutoring IUT students. The goal of this work is to teach students how to use softwares usefully, with practial work.
  • «ENT» (digital working environment) : how to use the tools provided in the «ENT»
  • «Web Browsers» : learn to use the web browsers advanced tools (Firefox, ...)
  • «Microsoft softwares» : Word and Excel
  • «Adobe CS3» & The Gimp» : learn the basis of the softwares on a picture
  • «Web creation» : basis of HTML and CSS stylesheets
JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JQuery, Microsoft Office, adobe CS3 suite, The Gimp, ...

INTERNSHIP - Video games creation

Creative Patterns, in Strasbourg, France
Summer 2009 (a month and a half)
Observation internship to learn how video games company work and to help the workers on simple tasks and code.
  • «Fashion Designer» (zoé créatrice de mode) : testing and debugging
  • «TURN, The Lost Artifact» : help on design conception
  • «Hotel Giant DS» : LUA language
  • «Hospital Giant» : coding of mini-games (DS platform, LUA and C++ code)
C, C++, LUA, ...

Education : Diploma

PhD in Computer Graphics

2013 - 2016 University Joseph Fourier, Grenoble France

Master's Degree in Computer Graphics and Image Processing

2010 - 2012 UFR of mathematics and informatics, Strasbourg France

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer and Technical Science

2007 - 2010 University of Franche Comté, Besançon France

Education : Certificate

Summer School Innovation & Business (EIT Health)

2weeks, 2015 Trinity College, Dublin Irelande & IESE Business School, Barcelona Spain

Label CREA : Business Creation

2014 - 2015 University Joseph Fourier, Grenoble France

Summer School GPU Image Processing

1week, 2013 University Joseph Fourier, Grenoble France

Language skills


Full professional proficiency


Native speaker


Native speaker


Basic level


Living Book of Anatomy – Project to be displayed in the INRIA Showroom

fall 2016, Grenoble, France Armelle Bauer, Maria Christou, Elise Taillant, François Faure, Olivier Palombi, Jocelyne Troccaz

Learning using Virtual Anatomy as a tool - Project and talk at « Congrès des Morphologistes 2016 » (best presentation award)

16-19 march 2016, Toulouse, France Armelle Bauer, Jocelyne Troccaz, François Faure, Olivier Palombi

Anatomirror - Project at The Consumer Electronic Show 2016

6-9 january 2016, Las Vegas, USA François Faure, Frederick Van Meer, Armelle Bauer, Ali Hamadi Dicko

Living Book of Anatomy: See your Insides in Motion ! - Prototype at Siggraph Asia 2015 – Emerging Technologies

2-5 november 2016, Kobe, Japan Armelle Bauer, Ali Hamadi Dicko, Olivier Palombi, François Faure, Jocelyne Troccaz



  • Driving licence
  • AFPS (First aid training certificate)
  • Student Volunteer at Siggraph Asia 2013: 19-22 november 2013, Hong Kong
  • Observation drawing 2014-2015: ESAD, Grenoble France
  • Sculpture & Modelling (clay, wood, rock, ...) 2013-2015: ESAD, Grenoble France
  • Ink Painting (black & color ink, watercolors, ...) 2013-2014: ESAD, Grenoble France


  • Music : saxophone (11 years), violoncello (2 years)
  • Creations : drawing, origami, ink painting, watercolors/painting, sculpting (epoxy, clay)


Bouger son corps pour apprendre l'anatomie

Workshop, IHM'16 2016 Armelle Bauer, Ali-Hamadi Dicko, François Faure, Olivier Palombi, Laurence Nigay, Amélie Rochet-Capellan, Jocelyne Troccaz

Anatomical Mirroring: Real-time User-specific Anatomy in Motion Using a Commodity Depth Camera

Technical Full Paper, Motion in Games 2016 Armelle Bauer, Ali-Hamadi Dicko, François Faure, Olivier Palombi, Jocelyne Troccaz

L'anatomie virtuelle au service de l'apprentissage : The Living Book of Anatomy (LBA)

Presentation: best presentation award, Association des Morphologistes (98e congrès annuel) Armelle Bauer, Jocelyne Troccaz, François Faure, Olivier Palombi

Living Book of Anatomy Project: See your Insides in Motion!

Emerging Technologies, Siggraph Asia 2015 Armelle Bauer, Ali-Hamadi Dicko, Olivier Palombi, François Faure, Jocelyne Troccaz

Interactive Visualization of Muscle Activity During Limb Movements: Towards Enhanced Anatomy Learning

Technical Paper, Eurographics Workshop VCBM 2014 Armelle Bauer, Florent Paclet, Violaine Cahouet, Ali-Hamadi Dicko, Olivier Palombi, François Faure, Jocelyne Troccaz

My Corporis Fabrica: Making Anatomy Easy

Talks, Siggraph 2014 Armelle Bauer, Federico Ulliana, Ali-Hamadi Dicko, Benjamin Gilles, Olivier Palombi, François Faure

The Living Book of Anatomy: "Model and user mapping"

Poster, Persyval-Lab days 2013 Armelle Bauer, Jocelyne Troccaz, Olivier Palombi, François Faure


  • Pr Jocelyne Troccaz (Grenoble University): jocelyne.troccaz(a)
  • Pr Olivier Palombi (Grenoble University Hospital): opalombi(a)
  • Pr François Faure (Anatoscope): faure(a)
  • Pr Lionel Reveret (Grenoble University): lionel.reveret(a)